Specialized Section of Structural Engineering


The Structural engineering is one of the civil engineering branches. The main subject of this specialty field is the study and analysis of stress and deformation of materials used in structures as well as designing structures. Analysis and design of concrete and steel structures, including high-rise buildings and bridges and marine platforms are among the most common issues in this specialized branch.

The structural engineering section is one of main specialized sector of Pars Geometry Consultants. In addition to co-operating with other specialized sector of the company and providing services in projects requiring multiple expertise, this specialized sector independently also carries out some specific structural projects.

The personnel of the specialized structure section at consulting engineering of Pars Geometry Consultants include full-time experts and part-time high-level consultants. The excellent advisers of this sector include some of the well-known experts in the country. Depending on the needs of the projects for consulting, the control of the reports and documents are done by consultants.
Specialized Section of Structural Engineering

Computer facilities and software

Since many analytical and design issues are carried out in the specialized sector of the structure using computer, specialized software are required in this specialized sector. Software used in the structure sector of the consulting engineers are as follows:
  • IDARC-2D
  • SAP 2000
  • SAFE
  • C++

Work environment

Our structural experts work at the main Office. Details of work environment and address are available from the company's general catalog and its site.

The specialized structure sector of consulting engineers of Pars Geometry Consultants has completed various projects of high quality.
The desired structures were administrative and industrial buildings, wharfs, tanks and marine intakes. Some of these projects in this specialized sector are as follows:
  • Building of Passenger Terminal No. 2 of Kish port
  • The Building of the head office of Kish Development and Exploitation Port and Airport
  • Administrative and Service Building of Kish Commercial Port
  • Structural reinforcement of Kish airport terminal
  • Designer of the 20,000-ton wharf of the Persian Gulf port
  • Designing the Gulf Setareh Oil Deposit Structure
  • Design of structures and side structures and channels of the Gulf Oil Setareh Refinery
  • Control and optimization of steel structures in phases 17 and 18 of South Pars
  • Reconstruction and modernization of the c5 and c1 oil pipelines at Bahonar Port
  • Structural Analysis of Mahshahr Exports Port Tanks for Preloading with Water