Safety division


The main objective of the specialized safety division is to identify fire hazards and provide appropriate solutions to reduce damage to equipment and individuals and to secure all facilities and buildings.
To this end, there has been a significant effort to increase the knowledge of design, to use of international standards and internal regulations, and to use of advanced software and obtainable equipment in the country’s projects.
The main activities of this group include the design of fire detection and fire extinguishing methods, which is commonly known as “designing of active immune systems”.
But the designing of inactive systems and anti-fire structures, the designing of fire detection, fire alarm, explosion analysis, risk analysis, hazard classification and classification of hazardous equipment are also carried out in this group.
The design process involves identifying the required systems, providing computational documents, preparting the documentation for the desing, providing the technical specifications of the equipment, preparing the vendors, and evaluating their technical proposals.

The Engineering division of Pars Geometry Consultants is an independent group in its organizational chart titled “safety division”
Although the importance of this division is significant in the projects of the oil and gas industry but safety studies of underground tunnels, sea structures and high-rise commercial-office buildings are also very important and are among the topics of the group’s activities.
Currently, the safety engineering division is active in almost all of the projects of pars Geometry Consultants.

Personnel in the specialized safety division at pars Geometry Consultants include (a) full-time experts and (b) senior part-time advisers.
Senior part-time advisers include some of the very experienced professionals who are collaborating depending on the type of project for advising and controlling reports and drawings

Computer facilities and software

The use of computer software for modeling and many analyzes in safety department is essential.
Some of the software used in the safety department are as follows:
Each of the experts in this specialized division has a dedicated computer, and all computers are connected to the Internet as well as the company’s internal network.
The internal correspondence network of the company is located on the Internet and access to it is possible from the company’ website from all over the world.
With the help of the company’s internal network, partners of the company can connect from different physical locations. It is also easy to communicate with employers and to collaborate with other domestic and foreign companies.
Specialized division mechanic of pars Geometry consultant has completed various quality projects.