Specialized process Division


The general capabilities of the specialized division the process are as follows:
• Providing oil fluids specification tables and mass and energy balance calculations
• Generating PDF and p & ID drawings
• Basic and detailed designing of process equipment
• Simulation of chemical processes with specialized software


The specialized chemistry / process engineering Division is one of the main specialized sectors in the engineering consultants of pars Geometry Consultants. In addition to working with other specialized sectors of the company and providing services in projects requiring multiple expertise, this division also independently carries out some specific projects.

Personnel of the specialized chemistry / process engineering division at pars Geometry Consultants include (a) supervisor of department (b) Full-time experts and (c) part-time senior advisers.
Senior part-time advisers include some of the most experienced professionals who are collaborating according to the type of expertise required to consult and control reports and drawings.
Software and computer facilities

Each of the experts in this specialized division has a dedicated computer, and all computers are connected to the Internet as well as to the internal network of the company.
The internal communications network of the company is also located on the Internet and its access from the company’s site from all over the world is possible.
Partners of the company can connect with the help of the company’s internal network from different physical locations.
In addition, it is also easy to communicate with employers and to collaborate with other domestic and foreign companies.
Some of the software used in the process specialist Division are as follows:
• Hysys
• Asper plus
• IMS design

Work environment

The Engineering / chemical Engineering division pars Geometry consultants is based at Building2.
Details of work environment and address are available from the company’s public catalog and its website.

The specialized engineering /chemistry department / process of pars Geometry Consultants has completed various projects.
Some of the projects in this Division are as follows:
• Basic and detailed Development design of Mahshahr port
• Providing consultant services in investment projects of shahid Rajaee port complex
• Oil tanker of Maragheh railway station
• Shanty Yard Studies of the presian Gulf port
• Gulf port pipeline studies
• Consultant services Consultant for Assaluyeh port
• Providing comprehensive Persian Gulf Shipbuilding Complex
• Designing of kaison Oil terminal
• Studies and design of the pond sestem and desalination shaya
• Kish Air Fuel terminal
• Detailed design of propylene direct drainage project from truck in jam petrochemical company
• Asian water Absorber
• Oil terminal of Hormozan Oil Company
• Oil terminal of Ehsan chem Estahban Company
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