Company Overview

Pars Geometry Consultants (PGC) specializes in diverse areas of civil engineering and provides full range of services based upon expertise and lifelong experience of its founders as well as professional and broad abilities of its management and expert team and is able to deliver study and integrated engineering services for projects demanding multi-discipline specialties. Services provided by PGC are within the following areas of expertise.

Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise encompass the following:

      • Port Facilities and Marine Structures

     • Oil and Gas Refineries as well as Petrochemical Plants

     • Infrastructure Engineering

Company Overview

It should be noted that each of the above mentioned items is organized within the framework of specific management departments of PGC. 

Types of Services

Preparation of Master Plan Conceptual Design
Purchase and Procurement Engineering Feasibility Studies
Construction Engineering and Management Basic and Detailed Design
Site Engineering Consultancy and Strategic Project Management
Site and Overall Supervision Project Finance Studies
Preparation of Documents and Tendering for Clients Value Engineering and Assessment of Plans
Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of the Project Preparation of Proposal and Design for Contractors during the Tender Process


Technical Disciplines

Working collaboratively to provide services with various specialties for our projects, our technical disciplines are ready to render particular services with specific specialties for the projects of other companies. These disciplines comprise a supervisor, senior consultants and experts in different levels.
Below is a list of these disciplines:

Tunnel Chemical Engineering/Process
Geotechnics Mechanics of Fixed and Rotary Devices
Marine and Hydrodynamics Electricity and Telecommunications
Marine Structures Electrical and Mechanical Installations
Civil and Landscaping Instrument
Architecture Pipelines (Piping Engineering)
Safety and Fire-Fighting Construction Engineering and Management
Environment Structures
Economy and Transportation Road and Highway Geometric Design



Expert and efiicient staff are considered the most valuable asset of Pars Geometry Consultants. PGC's strenght is based upon its highly motivated staff and keeping up their morale as well as their growth and promotion has always been one of the greatest concerns of the company mangers who spend plenty of time to employ leading experts and elite graduates from domestic and International universities. Currently, PGC benefits from part-time and full-time experts as well as senior consultants, and with respect to the project requirements, manpower organization would be carried out.


Equipment provided in the offices of this company can be noted in several sections as follows:

      1) Working Space At present, the company possesses an area about 1000 m2 as its working space. The office is wholly equipped with adequate facilities.

      2) Computer and Peripheral Devices Each expert, technician and employee is provided with a computer in the company. All computers are connected to the internet and internal network of the company which can facilitate teamwork. All correspondences are done through official automation system and the staff can receive referred tasks from anywhere in the world by having access to internet. Computer peripheral devices such as printer, plotter, scanner and etc. are available in PGC within the required number.

      3) Library A rich and up-to-date library is one of the main facilities of Consulting Engineering Firms. In this respect, since the foundation of PGC, a library was established and today, this library serves as a precious resource for the staff including more than 1,500 technical and professional Books, Codes & Standards, Handbooks as well as subscription of more than 20 Technical Magazines.

Company Library

Quality Management

PGC has set out to implement and establish Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with the following standards so that to regularize and promote qualitative level of its activities as well as ensuring Assurance Procedures and Quality Control of projects execution. Accordingly, this company has succeeded in obtaining the following certifications from TUV NORD, Germany:

      ✔ Quality Management System-ISO 9001:2008

      ✔ Environmental Management System-ISO 14001

      ✔ Occupational Health and Safety Management System- OHSAS 18001

      ✔ Health, Safety and Management System (HSE)

Quality Management

Company Ranking

PGC has been ranked by Iranian Vice-Presidency for Strategic Planning and Supervision in the following fields:
      ✔ Port Facilities and Marine Structures

      ✔ Oil & Gas Refineries and Petrochemical Plants

      ✔ Structure

      ✔ Environment

Company Ranking


      ✔ Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC Iranian Member Association)
      ✔ Iranian Association of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
      ✔ Iranian Concrete Institute
      ✔ Iranian Hydraulic Association
      ✔ International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
      ✔ Iranian Geo-synthetics Society
      ✔ Iranian Coastal and Marine Structural Engineering Association

Company Ranking

Offices and Branches

PGC established offices at the jobsite of all its projects, requiring inspection to carry out this task. Data transfer between these offices and the head office is online and done by means of Web-based Automation System.

Site Supervision Office

Site Supervision Office, Kish Commercial Sea Port

In line with long-term strategic objectives of the managers to employ technical expertise of staff in execution of International Projects, an International Branch of the company was established in Canada in 2010 which has been registered as “International Geometry Consultants (IGC)” in Canada Business Corporation.
Furthermore, Pars Geometry Probing Consulting Engineers (PGP) aiming to provide high quality services to perform Geotechnical Investigations and establish the laboratory units of Soil and Rock Mechanics as well as Material Quality Control, was founded in 2011. Being equipped with all facilities required for drilling bore-holes and performing tests has enabled this company to carry out all field and experimental operations necessary for Geotechnical Investigations.

Probing Consulting Engineers

Previous Clients

PGC has managed to provide Engineering Services for the following clients so far:
      ✔Tehran Engineering and Technical Consultant Organization
      ✔National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company
      ✔Iran Marine Industrial Company
      ✔Iranian Port and Maritime Organization
      ✔Tehran Municipality- Region 2
      ✔Petrochemical Special Economic Zone
      ✔Persian Gulf Star Oil Company
      ✔Kish Free zone Organization
      ✔Persian Gulf KEYVAN Energy Company
      ✔HORMOZGAN Port and Maritime Administration
      ✔Oil Industries' Engineering and Construction (OIEC)
      ✔Kish Investment and Development Company
      ✔Bandar-e-ABBAS Water Desalination Construction and Operation Company
      ✔Iran Civilization and Road Construction Company
      ✔KARANDARYA Company
      ✔Industrial Projects Management of Iran
      ✔BAHONAR Port and Maritime Administration
      ✔Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC)
      ✔Kish Port and Airport Development and Investment Company
      ✔Sahel Consulting Engineers
      ✔SADAF Institute
      ✔Deep Offshore Technology
      ✔BONYAD BARANDAZ Company
      ✔Pars Mine and Industry Construction Company
      ✔Iran Fisheries Organization
      ✔OMRAN SANAT Institute
      ✔TEHRAN-BOSTON Consulting Engineers
      ✔AMOOD PAYA Company
      ✔Iran Ministry of Health and Medical education
      ✔BITA Innovative Design Engineering Company
      ✔DELTA Offshore Technology
      ✔Iran PANAHSAZ Engineering Company
      ✔Petro FARAYAND Energy Engineering Company
      ✔PARS POOLAD Shipyard Company
      ✔Transportation Research Institute
      ✔JAHAN KOWSAR Company
      ✔HORMOZGAN Province Industrial Estates Company
      ✔TWI Company
      ✔ARVAND SOBHAN Group Investment Company
      ✔AMOOD Consulting Engineers
      ✔SATA Company
      ✔ISOICO Company
      ✔Parham Construction Company
      ✔PARDIS Petrochemical Company
      ✔CHAKAD Darya Company
      ✔PASARGAD NOOR Asia Company
      ✔JAHAD Darya Company
      ✔Qeshm Movalled Co.