Environmental Engineering division


Environmental Engineering division of pars Geometry Consultants are exploring the environmental aspects of construction and industrial projects.
This review covers all the issues that surround the environment. Understanding the type and extent of environmental pollution (water, soil and air) and providing practical solutions to these contaminations are the tasks of experts in this specialized division.
Specialized division of environment of pars Geometry consultants

The specialized division of Environment is one of the sectors of the pars Geometry Consultants which, along with other specialized sectors, studies and provides engineering services in various projects.
The general belief in the pars Geometry Consultants about the role of the specialized division of Environment is that environmental experts are a key element in engineering studies and design, and there must be an interactive collaboration between them and other experts.
Otherwise, environmental assessments will become an activity separate from the main design and construction process in construction projects.
This problem exists in many projects, so the pars Geometry consultants began to set up this specialized division to work closely with other specialized sectors.
Essentially, designing and delivering quality engineering services in projects is not possible without considering all aspects of the project, including its environmental aspects.

The environmental group personnel at pars Geometry Consultants include (a) full-time experts and (b) senior part-time consultants The specialist personnel of this specialist division are ecologists and biologists.
In addition, according to the subject of the project, experts from other specialized departments of the In addition, according to the subject of the project, experts from other specialized departments of the company are used.
Senior part-time advisers include some of the country’s most well-known environmental experts which are used according to the type of environmental studies in the project for guidance and expert advice and quality control of reports.

Computer facilities and software

Each of the experts has a dedicated computer. Computers are connected to the internet and the company’s internal network. For all personnel, it is possible to use the network.
The internal and external correspondences are done electronically in the company. Correspondence system of the company is on the global internet network, so all experts can access their card from different locations.

After reviewing the environmental impacts of projects in the construction and operation phases, using the views of experienced engineers from pars Geometry Consultants in marine, civil structural and other fields, environmental experts provide appropriate solutions to reduce these effects.
The close relationship of environmental experts pars Geometry Consultants with other specialized sectors will lead to (1) better quality assessments done and (2) solutions are applied.

Specialized division environment of pars Geometry Consultants has provided environmental feasibility study reports and a brief, concise, detailed description of various quality projects and completed the necessary cooperation with the respectable employers for the approval of the Environmental protection Agency.
The titles of some of them are as follows:
1) Feasibility studies for the Shahid Moghaddam Highway, between the intersection of shahrivar st. to fatha Square
2) Engineering services to provide basic and detailed design and provide engineering workshop services for dykes, embankments and land improvement at extraction area of Development design of Bandare Mahshahr
3)Engineering services for studies and preparation of some part of the Basic and Detailed design of the second pond of Bandar Abbas